VT100 terminal using an ESP32, LK201 keyboard and a TV.

This is a conversion of a black & white mini TV into a serial terminal that can be hooked up to e.g. a Linux host computer. ESP32 generates the TV signal, emulates a VT100 terminal and interfaces with the keyboard. It uses an LK201 terminal keyboard (which is otherwise not suitable for modern computers anyway).

Status: Finished.

Project page: https://git.dejvino.cz/dejvino/video-terminal-revival

Ebook reader firmware designed for LilyGO T5 v2.4 (ESP32 with 2.9″ eInk display).

LilyBook prototype

The goal was to create an ebook reader that would be very small, last a very long time on a single charge and you could read it while walking, without having your vision obstructed that much (to avoid bumping into stuff!). Given the small display can only show around 4 lines of text, it is easy to keep track of where you are in the book; no need to re-read paragraphs every time your eyes move back and forth between the reader and your surroundings.

I’ve successfully tested this on my commutes to work where I managed to read through e.g. the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, using it in a public transport and while moving through (or rather with?) a crowd on some of our busy streets.

Status: Beta version done and working. Possible improvements could come in the future.

Project page: https://github.com/Dejvino/lilybook