Replace the old electronics of your tapedeck with an mp3 player, all while keeping the retro controls working!

A conversion project that takes a beautiful piece of obsolete hardware and gives it a new life. The aim is to retain as much of the look and the controls as possible. Buttons still control the playback, turning the knobs impacts the sound. Yet there is a tiny MP3 player board that loads the music from a microSD card and the turning cassette reels are just for show.

Status: Finished.

Project page:

Android music player with Ampache server as the main data source. Allows online streaming (and hopefully soon also cached offline playback).


This project was not started from scratch. It is based on the official Ampache’s client for Android. Sadly, this official version has not been maintained since 2010 and it shows.

My work on this project is focused on:

  • Pleasant and practical UI
  • Ability to play cached content in offline mode
  • Responsible error handling

Status: base version finished. Abandoned, since I’m moving away from Android.

Project page: