Keyboard converter between a Zbrojovka Consul 262.5 terminal keyboard and a Videoton VDX 52600 terminal.

This is a multi-purpose converter that enables the two vintage devices to be used on their own (1. USB keyboard adapter, 2. keyboard emulator over serial) or together to form an honest VT52 terminal.

Status: Semi-finished.
Reading from the keyboard works. Writing to the terminal works. Though it is unreliable and I haven’t discovered all the keycodes that the terminal accepts.

Project page:

VT100 terminal using an ESP32, LK201 keyboard and a TV.

This is a conversion of a black & white mini TV into a serial terminal that can be hooked up to e.g. a Linux host computer. ESP32 generates the TV signal, emulates a VT100 terminal and interfaces with the keyboard. It uses an LK201 terminal keyboard (which is otherwise not suitable for modern computers anyway).

Status: Finished.

Project page: