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Playful Little Corpses

Dungeon exploration horror game. The task is to get to the deepest level possible without getting caught by one of the pursuers.


Written in Java with jMonkeyEngine3.

Status: alpha version finished.

Project page:


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HTTPS Multiplexer

Running HTTP and HTTPS on the same port with Apache. They said it couldn’t be done. They were wrong!

I’ve modified a simple Python port forwarding utility to act as a port multiplexer that can automatically forward HTTP and HTTPS requests to the appropriate ports. If the request looks like an HTTP in plain text, it forwards it to port A. Otherwise it is assumed to be HTTPS and is forwarded to port B.

Now you can run your web applications from a single port, regardless of using HTTP or HTTPS. Hooray!

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Dusty Room

An experimental overlay effect. Put a bit of dust onto a web page and wave your mouse cursor around!


Written in JavaScript and the EaselJS library.

Project page:

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Corrputer and Visputer – Master Thesis

My Master Thesis software suite. The aim was to create a high-performance correlation computation software + visualisation framework for large datasets.



Correlation computation software. Written in C++ with focus on high performance, uses MPI for running on any kind of setup, from one to many computers.

Source code:


Data visualisation framework in Python built on top of PyQtGraph. It interconnects with Corrputer quite nicely.

Source code:

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Distributed nuke-resistant chat application. Peer-to-peer, built on FreePastry. Created as a school project.


Written in Java on top of FreePastry.

Messages are sent peer-to-peer, chat room configurations are distributed among the peers with a k-level fault tolerance. The implementation is more or less a proof-of-concept. It would require some additional configuration for it to function as a user-friendly application. But that is a task for someone else.

Project page:

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Foggy Lake

An experimental GLSL web page template with a dynamical 3D scene being rendered at the top.


Randomly generated swaying leaves in a fog. Great for calming your website visitors!

Project page:

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CFGs website

A website with easy access to configuration files for frequently used applications. The aim is to be able to have your favourite settings available wherever you are, be a friend’s computer or a brand new OS installation. Simply type the short URL into a browser and you are ready to go.

Project site:

The main idea is to have a website with a short URL handy at any time. It doesn’t have to be flashy and beautiful, as long as it gets the job done.


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This is a webcomic done in Czech from the universe of “mrtvolky” (i.e. little corpses in Czech) that I came up with.


The comedy is a bit silly but that is to be expected when dealing with death in a comix.

Project website:

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Bacteria Live Wallpaper

After touching your Android phone screen, this live wallpaper will spawn thousands of new bacteria from your dirty fingers. From this moment on, they live their own lives.

2014-07-08 19.59.14

This is simply a Game of Life machine with the input taken from where you put your finger while working with the phone. The effect is quite interesting and entertaining with various user-defined visual settings being available (size, color, speed, effects, …). You can watch whole colonies endlessly struggle for survival.

Project page:

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Ray-tracing engine written in Haskell. Created as a school project.

The engine is quite basic. It reads a scene definition from a custom-format text file. It is able to use set operations to define even more complex objects. Apart from common geometric objects (cube, sphere, …), there are other object types like cameras and lights. Specifying lights in a scene also allows you to have some material effects and most importantly, shadows.

Project page:

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